Google Calendar Time Zones

by Randy Stuppard

I use Google for just about everything. Searching, Gmail, Calendar, Docs. For personal and professional uses.

Getting to “inbox zero” is tougher than you think so that’s a work in progress.

But I came across 2 things that have made my day easier. And I actually use them. Funny enough.

I have employees, JV partners, and clients all over the world and always going to Timeclock on the web was bugging me. It wasn’t efficient.

I went to Calendar -> clicked on the gear -> Settings -> Labs
and scrolled down to the bottom where I found I could add a world clock to my gmail. Yep, it appears on the right hand sidebar. And it shows me the date and times from around the world on the countries and cities I select.  No more having to open up another window or tab!

While I was there, I also added “Year View” so I can, at a click, view the year in advance. Handy for scheduling things for out in advance and getting a feel for the future.

Both easy, doesn’t add more time to your day, and makes you just that much more efficient and effective.


PS: Share this if you found it helpful.

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youre the expertI’m sitting here this Saturday morning eating my own version of an Egg McMuffin and drinking hot lemon water. Normally it’s just lemon water. Then it’s Yoga, rebound, workout and protein shake. But it is Saturday…

I’m reading through emails, catching up on newsletters, unfriending negative people, and just general housekeeping duties avoiding the actual housekeeping duties. Yeah, it’s one area I procrastinate in but it’s something that’s got to get done.

I normally have a cleaning person come in and do the work but this is a very special type of cleaning that I am doing today, but I digress.

As I was reading a particular newsletter, an incident came back into my memory that occurred this week and I thought I would share it here.

A lead came across my desk as they do from someone looking to get more sales. I called the person who requested help and finding out they have done no marketing, the rest of the conversation went something like this…

Person asking for help (PAFH): “A professional could get this done in a few days.”
Me: “It doesn’t work that way. Generally, no matter what you do, the first 30 days are used to figure out the best message to market – so that could be break even or could result in a loss. Sometimes we get lucky and it’s profitable but don’t bank on that.”
PAFH: “No. That’s just you putting your hand in my pocket for no results. Look at that Facebook guy, he turned things around in 60 days…”
Me: Silence… then “There, you proved my point.”
PAFH: “No no no. He could have done it in 2 days”  Huh??
Me: ” I don’t think this is a fit. I think you need to work with someone else”
PAFH: “Yeah, you’re not a professional because if you were, you could do this in a few days…”

This does happen and thankfully not too often.

This was someone asking for help because they don’t know how to do whatever it is they want done. But they know the timeline it should be done in and the results they should get.

They hide behind “If you’re an expert, you should get it done in this time frame” and are unwilling to realistically look at the what needs to be done and how fast they could expect results.

You might think I could have turned this around. Possibly. But the first role of a consultant is to manage expectations. And this fellow was having none of it. So it was far better to walk away and go find a right fit.

There are many more business owners out there who want to work with me that I would rather invest my time with. They know their business, I know mine. Together that is very powerful.

I just wanted you to know that you’re not alone when you run into these types, and the best thing to do is run away. You’re worth it and they’re not worth the headaches.

With this out of the way, I guess it’s back to cleaning the house. *Sigh. Oh well.


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